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We have created this site to facilitate communication with all the basic aspects of our ministry. We hope that it will be a help to those who have followed our ministry over the last 30 years, and to those who visit our site out of curiosity or desire to get to know more about us.

My wife, Vivian, and I travel across the Pacific Northwest in a Christian music ministry, and are available to any church or group without charge or minimum fees. This has always been a faith ministry, and always will be, because that is what the Lord has called us to do. We are supported primarily by love offerings, and the pledges and tithes of loyal individuals and churches that believe in what we are doing and want to see us continue. We also have seven recordings available for sale. This is a full time ministry with no other sources of income.

God has seen fit to keep us in the ministry these many years without the condition of financial compensation which allows us to go to any size church that needs us; regardless of their financial resources. This sets us free to focus on one thing only; proclaiming the Good News of the Love of God in Christ Jesus, our Lord.

If you would like us to come minister in your church, with children, youth, or adults, or as families, send us an E-mail indicating a date of your choice, and we will tentatively reserve that date for you until we have a chance to talk with you on the phone and confirm it.

What we do

Our two most common ways of ministering are through worship services and concerts. I sing, play guitar, and preach. Vivian assists me with leadership, and we sometimes sing together. She loves to read her Bible, and is an outstanding reader and teacher of scripture in worship, bringing the eternal truths alive for today. She also loves to share her faith and the insights she has gleaned from the Word as the Lord has opened her eyes to new Life.

The worship services are Biblically based, and allow for much congregational singing. The sermon is a combination of songs (usually original) and a message based upon a theme from scripture.

The concerts are informal, the singing interspersed with stories, humor, and personal comments of faith as they relate to the songs. My strength is that I have a repertoire of songs that relate well to all ages (see listings of recordings and their content), and am often asked to sing for church family gatherings... from potlucks to camps and retreats. I love working with youth, and was a high school pole vault coach for ten years.

The Lord called me to this ministry in 1965 when He began inspiring me to express the gospel through music. For this purpose we have made four recordings. The most recent one, in which most of the songs are original, is titled COLORS OF YOUR GRACE and is finished and available to order.

Our basic purpose is evangelistic... to WIN PEOPLE TO JESUS CHRIST. How could we keep from shouting "Victory in Jesus" when everything good that has ever come to us, including forgiveness, a new start, eternal life, and freedom through His Grace, has come through faith in Him! Along with that, we know that Grace is not cheap, and we have strongly emphasized the need for Christians to "walk the talk" by taking risks for Christ in reaching out to their neighbors in ministries of love and compassion to those in need, bringing JUSTICE to the land.

Again, if you would like Vivian and I to come and minister in your church, click on "Contact" above and let us know. We would be delighted to come worship and fellowship with you!

In the Lord's service,
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