Partner Donation and
Tax Exempt Information

Would you like to partner with us in this ministry?
Here's how:

FIRST: Keep us in your prayers. We are convinced it is the covering of prayer that has miraculously kept us in ministry these many years! Also, if you would, please let us know. It is always a joy to hear from our friends in the Lord, and we would like to pray for you as well.

SECOND: You may help us with our expenses. We are a small ministry that relies on faith. We've never asked God for more than our basic needs. We've never been called by God to build "success", and have no desire to be rich and famous.

Our office is in our home. Our recordings have been paid for by special donors who felt called by God to spread the Good News through our music. Our car was purchased with the help of our regular, and extremely loyal, givers. Our needs are basic, and we don't need much, but we do need help to continue. Please prayerfully consider becoming a partner through your gifts.

To donate by phone call:
866-312-5237 (toll-free)

To donate by mail, send your gift to:
Jim Moore Creative Ministries
COULEE CITY WA 99115-9633

Or, click the "Donate" button (at the bottom of every page on this site) to make an electronic donation by Credit/Debit Card, PayPal account, or bank account.

Incorporation and Tax Exempt Information

Jim Moore Creative Ministries was incorporated in Washington State in 1980 after forming a Board of Directors which currently consists of seven members. The Board makes all budget decisions, including the amount of Jim's salary and benefits. Jim Moore is the Board's employee with the position of "Ministries Director", and does not have a vote on the Board as mandated by IRS requirements. In 1980, Jim Moore Creative Ministries also was approved and registered by the IRS as a tax exempt charitable organization [501(c)(3)] with the IRS: EIN 91-1147205.

Your gifts are tax deductible. Year-end receipts are sent to all donors for tax deduction purposes on itemized tax returns. Full financial information will be furnished when specifically requested, as required by the IRS for [501(c)(3)] approval.

For those who wish to donate stocks, we have an account with Charles Schwab which was set up for that purpose when a donor graciously decided to fund our most recent recording, Colors of Your Grace. It's a simple procedure:

  1. Determine how many shares you desire to give.
  2. Instruct your broker to wire them to our account with Charles Schwab: Account Number 4768-4937
  3. Contact us so that we can have our broker expedite the sale.

A statement of receipt will immediately be sent to you with our heartfelt thanks!