Records and Songs
By Jim Moore

Listed below are the songs by Jim Moore that are available for purchase from us. You may order copies of Jim's recordings by visiting our online store.

Colors Of Your Grace

  • Without Love (I Am Nothing At All) (Jim Moore)
  • Make Love Your Aim (Jim Moore)
  • I Want Justice (Jim Moore)
  • Peace (Joshua Moore)
  • It Seemed Impossible (Jim Moore)
  • Vivian (Jim Moore)
  • All He Ever Wanted To Do (Jim Moore)
  • The Lord's Song - Instrumental (Jim Moore)
  • Gethsemane (Jim Moore)
  • Colors of Your Grace (Jim Moore)

The title song, Colors of Your Grace, is an apt description of our entire life in ministry. We feel so very blessed by the Grace of God to be honored with the call to serve Him through so many years of song and travel. As Vivian and I traveled across Washington's White Pass during the height of the fall colors, I was overwhelmed with Joy. Music and words came like a flood, as the beauty around us inspired this poem:

As I look to the hills and see Your face,
My heart within me soars!
I delight in the colors or Your grace
Your beauty, my soul explores.
What joy to behold in the shades of green
Transforming to red and gold.
When autumn reveals to the eyes of faith,
More love than a heart can hold!

When we arrived at the pastor's house in the little town of Randle, he offered their kitchen table with pencil and paper. As my wife visited, most of the rest of the song spilled out right then and there in the freshness of the experience. Our producer, Chris Lobdell, has taken this simple three-verse poem to a new level of grandeur, creating an anthem of joy and gratitude that we are sure will be a great blessing to all who hear.

Three of what I consider to be my best songs from my DUST & ASHES days are included. The message is timeless, but not necessarily the musical setting. So we decided to do I Want Justice, Gethsemane, and Without Love in a contemporary style. Justice (a paraphrase of Amos) is forceful and dramatic. One feels the fearsome power of the Lord's correction in this arrangement by Chris. The message always hit hard, but this hits harder than ever! Gethsemane, by contrast, is tender, taking you into the very heart of Christ's last hour in the garden. I could not get through it without crying. Without Love changes from the earlier version which was a weightier focus on the importance of loving others as expressed in I Corinthians 13, and picks up on the joyful affirmation that without God's love, we would be nothing.

I wrote two songs for my wife long ago; It Seemed Impossible, and Vivian. She gets a little embarrassed when she hears her name over and over again in Vivian, and especially when she catches herself singing it! But she has graciously allowed me to honor her for her partnership in ministry and the accompanying sacrifice of worldly security, by publicly celebrating my love for her, a truly Godly woman.

Make Love Your Aim is based on I Corinthians 14:1, and speaks to the importance of making love first and foremost above other gifts of the Spirit, all of which are given by God "for the common good", "lest anyone should boast". All He Ever Wanted To Do was inspired by our son, Joshua, who was waiting up late for me one night, and opened the door saying, "All He ever wanted to do was love us, dad." I asked, "Who?" With tears in his eyes, answered, "God!"

Jim Moore: For Kids

  • I Woke Up This Morning (Jim Moore)
  • Sunshine (Jim Moore)
  • The Circuit Rider and The Outlaw (Jim Moore)
  • Yes (Jim Moore)
  • Lion Hunt (Jim Moore arrangement)
  • Machines (Jim Moore)
  • One Step At A Time (Jim Moore)
  • A Kid, Not A Bumble Bee (Jim Moore)
  • Whatcha Do With Love (Jim Moore)
  • Sleep (Jim Moore)

I did this recording when our boys were nine and eleven years old. They warned me that they were "too old for any of that pre-school stuff," so I used a different approach than any other kid's recording I'd heard. I wrote these songs for "tweenagers"; kids between pre-school and teenage years...the age of our kids at the time.

Knowing firsthand the musical sophistication of "tweenagers", I approached the music in the same way that I would approach adult music: more complex in rhythm and melody. On the other hand, I aimed the lyrics at the age of my kids. It worked like a charm! Kids of all ages, as well as adults, have enjoyed this CD!

All ages enjoy the humor found in almost every song, and everyone from toddler to grandma loves to go on a Lion Hunt! Jonathan and Joshua (our boys who are now grown up) sing on Yes and Bumble Bee, the latter being one of the best for toddler groups. Teenagers love Machines and The Circuit Rider and the Outlaw for their slightly irreverent humor. College students and adults tell me how helpful the simple message of One Step At A Time has been in stressful times, even being the favorite song for a young woman fighting cancer.

Babies will move to this music because it's happy and bouncy through and through!... except Sleep, a lullaby, which is meant to bring moms a little peace and quiet at the end of the day. Chris Lobdell is once again responsible for the great arrangements.

No Greater Love

  • Won't You Take Over My Life (Jim Moore)
  • Those Who Love A Child (Jim Moore)
  • I Want To Be More Like Jesus (Kelly Willard, Keith & Melody Green)
  • Didn't He Care (Susan Gudger Biggs)
  • He's A Master (Jim Moore)
  • Our Covenant (Jim Moore)
  • Lead Me Lord (Jim Moore)
  • No Room In The House (Jim Moore)
  • Preacher To The Poor (Jim Moore)
  • Earth People (Jim Moore)

Based on the theme drawn from John 15:13, "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends," No Greater Love is about the sacrifices we make for others in the Spirit of Jesus who sacrificed everything for us. It's a CD about compassion for the poor, the hungry, and all earth's people as we are moved by the Spirit of God to reach out to others with the heart of Christ.

This is an emotional recording! A pastor I know cannot listen to Those Who Love A Child without crying (though he has listened countless times) because God has so filled his heart with the love of Jesus.

The songs are fully orchestrated, providing a rich and moving texture of sound that captures the listener, thanks to the astounding creativity of the producer, Chris Lobdell. Each song is arranged with sensitivity to the meaning of each line of lyric, and with tenderness that is truly touching. Along with the song above, Our Covenant, Lead Me Lord, and Preacher To The Poor are excellent examples of Chris's ability to capture what the Lord intended.

There are lighter moments too in the semi-jazz rendition of He's A Master (a song based on the "you have heard it said" teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount), the calypso feel of No Room In The House (about the healing of the paralytic lowered through the roof), and Earth People.

The Lord's Song

  • The Lord's Song (Jim Moore, as received from the Lord in a dream.)
  • God Loves Me (Jim Moore)
  • What God Has Done (Jim Moore)
  • Christ In Me And Me In Christ (Jim Moore)
  • Burden Down (traditional)
  • Somebody Bigger Than You And I (Johnny Lange, Hy Heath, Francis Burke)
  • Don't Look Back (Marty McCall)
  • Easter Song (Anne Herring)
  • Song To Make You Happy (Jim Moore)
  • The Preacher And The Bear (George Fairman)
  • Psalm 150 (Jim Moore)
  • Want To Serve My Jesus (Jim Moore)

This was my first solo recording. The title song was given to me in a dream, and therefore titled, The Lord's Song. I have never claimed this song as my composition, since I was asleep! In the dream, Jesus was the groom in a wedding, and the Church His bride. The dream concluded with Jesus lifting His hands and conducting the wedding party in The Lord's Song. The sanctuary was filled with a brilliant, yet warm and loving light, and the attendants were dressed in glowing white as they sang in harmony this "call to worship" for the wedding. I decided that it was a fitting way to begin the recording as well.

The purpose of this recording was to simply praise God for all He has done; to celebrate our faith and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ; to lift the spirits of the listeners. The musical approach is simple, with songs that encourage the listener to sing along. It's a happy CD.

It was a special pleasure to include one of the first songs that was ever captured on record, the humorous Preacher and The Bear. It's been recorded by many others since it's debut in the early 1900's, but the name of it's composer was lost when the recording company bought it from him. I happened to stumble across the historical research done by Idaho's governor who tracked down the name. It was a distinct honor for me to be able to list the real composer, George Fairman, and give him the credit, posthumously, that was long overdue!